Growing Ovaries

Now we’ve probably all heard the expression “to grow a set of balls” as an informal way of portraying the need to be more couragious, to face the facts and get on with life. Yet, have you been told to grow a set of ovaries? I have and it tickled me.  So this is what I’m doing: growing a set (although I’m pretty sure that they’re already there!).

Procrastination no more

So I’ve been concerning myself with what I’m going to blog about, how to sound interesting and appealing, blah blah de blah.  So instead of worrying about it and therefore putting off the blogging, I’m just going to get on with it.  I’ve also noticed that I probably come across as quite serious whilst withholding my identity.  Serious can be good at times but in a blog, I prefer when it comes with a huge lighthearted streak so off with the anonymity and on with the blogging.

My name is Kerry and as I’ve mentioned, I’m 26 from Northampton.  It occurred to me that I’m probably not alone in finding interest in the thoughts of others so maybe I’ll be of interest to someone out in the great wide world.   Hey, you never know, I might even make someone smile or touch a life which is never a bad thing.

What interests you in a blog and what do you write about?



About Kerry Leese

20 something who loves to travel from Northampton embarking on a journey of self discovery. Ambitiously working towards a career in broadcasting. In love with her Smelly Boy and getting up to some random stuff.
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4 Responses to Growing Ovaries

  1. kate chetwood says:

    Great first blog, Kerry. Look forward to reading more x

  2. Sarah J says:

    I’d said you’ve made an excellent start into the world of blogging, I particularly liked your take on the royal family. Big love xxx

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