What’s the thing with the British monarchy?

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Well there are so many things about which I could blog, so many silly observations made in a day and so many issues close to my heart but there’s plenty of time for that so I thought I’d go with the Jubilee as it’s just been going on.

I’ve just returned home from my first trip to Galway, Ireland to surprise

Aoife and I in Valencia 2007

Aoife and I in Valencia 2007

one of my bestest besties Aoife as she arrived back from a year in Australia.  The surprise was pleasantly surprising (much to my great relief- she wasn’t too jet lagged to recognise me) and the ‘craic’ was underway. I’d previously met one sister but now had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful parents, second sister and brother too).

During random discussions about life and what we’d all recently been up to, the Queen’s Diamon Jubilee shot into the limelight.”What the hell is going on with that?” was the question thrown in my direction.  I then found myself under the genteel scrutiny of five irish and one welsh set of eyes.  “Ummm, I don’t know” was about all I could muster and really, I didn’t know.

I’m not a royalist. I didn’t don a Union Jack, scream “long live the Queen” or feel immense pride during the celebrations because we have a monarch who has reigned for 60 years.  Nor did I refuse to celebrate because I hate the Royal Family.  I personally feel quite neutral about the whole subject. Should have Royals or scrap the whole thing and get us a President.

I understand that the Queen and the whole Royal brand, brings a huge revenue to the British Isles.  For some people, they signify tradition, identity and a distinction that makes Britain unique from any other country in the world.  For many, the Royals can only be seen as a positive.

Yet for others, it’s an entirely different matter.  I’ve heard the point made that the family Windsor has no right to be at the head of Britain and the commonwealth; it has countries other than Britain founding it’s heritage, that the Royals have no right to be ‘kept’ by the taxpayer simply because they were chosen by a God or had been doing so for a long time.  So many arguments exist before the mention of the enormous amount of money spent on the Jubilee weekend and the cost to Britain and its businesses. To be honest as your average Brit, I’m not going to worry myself with all of the former arguments.

What do I think about the Jubilee and the Queen? I’m not sure I’m completely happy with the money spent by the taxpayer on the Royals but saying that, there are plenty of people who offend me a lot more than the Windsors.

With regard to how British the Royal family is..?  Britain is the world’s mongrel, our culture has got a bit of everything from everywhere.  Britain’s top meal?  Apparently curry which has been brought over by various immigrants.  One thing I am proud of about British is that we’ve got an awesome mix of cultures. To be part of Britain is to embrace that so who cares if the Windsors have Greek or German in their heritage?  Many Brits do, so what?

Let us not forget that the Queen is in her Eighties and frequently braves the British weather to fulfil the requirements of the only employment she’s ever had which was thrust upon her in her early Twenties.  Yes she has a butler and enough luxuries to soften the blow but to be honest, I wouldn’t swap places with her for all the money in the world.  I have my freedom and would like to keep it that way.

Finally, what I think to be my most important point is that we need an excuse for a party in Britain! We have rubbish summers and there’s so much to get us down so why don’t we just get together and enjoy ourselves for once Britain!

Have a good one!



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