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The diary of a wannabe

I work a full time job and I’m really busy at the moment which means that I’m usually shattered by the time I get home. This makes it difficult to find the motivation to progress my new career venture when I get … Continue reading

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Just a quickie

Evening folks, You may remember that I was visiting London a while ago to attend a certain Hard Rock Festival in Hyde Park. This was no ordinary festival weekend as I spent most of it dressed a boob and talking … Continue reading

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Film information

I’ve been thinking “what do I blog about, what’s interesting to people?”.  I’m relatively new to blogging and as such I want to be interesting to people.  I don’t necessarily have a target audience but I know that I don’t want to bore what potential audience that may be.

Reasons why I’m blogging

I want to use my blog to discuss issues that have touched my life and passions that I have.  There’s the cathartic element to this, working through my issues and all.  Then there’s the fact that it could help someone else.  I’ve been touched by the blogs of people who are in or have been in a similar place to myself so I wanted to pay it forward (watch the film Pay It Forward- it’ll touch you trust me).  

Obviously we all come in different shapes and sizes with our own idiosyncrasies.  Yet it seems to me that we often have something in common.  The view that everyone else is ‘normal’.  To my mind there really isn’t a normal but even so, at times I’ve felt that I’m the only person who’s life isn’t peachy, the only person who’s felt ugly, angry, crazy.  I know that not to be the case but all the same but the world seems so fixed on putting up a front to the external world and hiding what’s really going on.  

An idea is then perpetuated that everyone else is getting on fine and I’m just weird for having a hard time.  I can imagine that it would be pandemonium if we all went around crying or screaming when we felt the urge but showing our humanity every now and then, allows others to accept theirs.  One of my aims for the blog, is to (warning, Mother Teresa moment) reach out to people and say don’t worry, you’re not alone, I’ve been there too.  It might help.

Another reason that I blog, as you may have read, is because I am a Presenter in the early days of her career and I want to share my journey.  A blog may not seem like the best way to show my presentation skills, surely a video would be better.  I agree, which is why the name of my blog is destinationvlog.  My aim is to produce vlogs (video logs) more than blogs (web logs) but everyone has to start somewhere, right?  Plus, I’m still trying to work out how to get videos on here in all honesty!

I have another aim in life that links in with the blog.  I want to travel.  I have wanted to do so ever since studying abroad as part of my degree in French and Spanish.  I remember sitting in Villa Saint Exupéry  where I was staying until I could find a flat for my six month stay in Nice (which might I say was great then but by the looks of it, boy has it improved in the six years since I was there).  There were so many people from all over the world on their way around the planet, with so many tales to tell.  It was infectious and I knew that this was going to be me one day.

For one reason or another, it still hasn’t happened six (slight shed of a tear) years later.  There is a plan though.  Luckily, the Smelly Boy also has the yearning for the travel so we’ve resolved to save like crazy mother fluffers and see the world.

Here comes the snag.  I’m soon to turn 27 and unfortunately certain clocks are ticking.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m far from saying that I need to start producing little people before time runs out.  What I am saying is that I’m a woman who has found the man of her dreams and both of us would like to have little versions of us in the world one day.  

At the same time, I’m very driven and a career is very important to me.  A career in broadcasting which is a new venture and as such, isn’t yet established.  A career in a industry where, like it or not, the older you get, the harder you have to work to get in the game.  Throw travelling in the mix and it feels like the world and modern day expectations are to me what the crocodile was for Capt. Hook.

In steps the blog/vlog to provide an opportunity for me to demonstrate my incredible aptitude as a broadcaster whilst seeing the world and living the dream with the gorgeous Smelly Boy.  The aim, to be fully established as a presenter for if/when we come back to England/settle down.

Wow, see the forward planning a woman has to do in order to (hopefully) fit everything in before she reaches the end of her child bearing age.

Does that make me interesting?

Only you can tell me.  I think it’s quite exciting because it’s my life, my plan. I hope that you will find it amusing, entertaining and inspiring along the way.  Please comment below about what you would be interested to read in this blog.  I’d love to hear about your aspirations for the future (whether they’re similar to mine or not) and how you’re executing your plans.

Is it interesting enough to just talk about me, do I concentrate on events or places to get people interested or do I trust that my experiences and views might be of interest to some people?

The popularity challenge

In my bid for world domination, I need people to know about me.  Social media presents an excellent way of getting one’s name and face out there so this is what I’m doing.  On Thursday I started a campaign asking lovely people such as yourself to check me out on Facebook and Twitter.  I ask for nothing more than a like and/or a follow and if you’re feeling particularly friendly, a hello would be nice!  I find it pretty incredible that someone in the same town as me could be reading my blog or laughing at a Tweet, at the same as someone in the Maldives or the USA. This makes me feel a little giggly and totally fabulous.

In return, I will make a donation to charity with every 100 likes, follows and subscriptions I get.  You can even get a say in where the money goes.  So please, press the Like and Follow buttons and simply add your email address in the little box, all at the right of the screen.

If you don’t want to, that’s no problem at all.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed this post and possibly drop in from time to time.

Have an astounding day!


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