Why would a Saint go to Welford Road?

Remember when I first went down to the see Chris at the Saints? If not then allow me to refresh your memory.

It turned out to be a great move, as I’ve been continuing to go down the Saints ever since, getting my face known and gaining invaluable experience. But the major result came when I got the email of a contact from TV production company Sunset+Vine.

Sunset+Vine produces programmes for the likes of ESPN and channel 4 concentrating mainly on sports coverage. They’re basically a pretty big deal.

So I took my time compiling an email including my profile (made to look beautifulby the lovely Smelly Boy) of media work experience and skills I hold.

What do I want?

Although a paid position would be absolutely brilliant, the aim of the email was to get further insight into the television industry and make some further contacts.

I also wanted to push myself. I knew that the scenario put me well outside of my comfort zone.

Chris had asked the contact whether he’d mind me having his email address which was a huge favour. I’m so thankful that he did but a part of me cringed.

Allow me to explain. I’m quite fiercely independent and always have been. Maybe it’s pride, but I feel embarrassed asking a favour or asking someone to help me out. Chris asked for the email while I was present. It’s good because we were introduced but I inwardly felt awkward as it was difficult for the contact to say no.

I know that this is a good thing. It makes it hard for him to shun me (thanks to Chris’ position and relationship with him) but it was the favour thing.

I know that’s something I have to work on. I won’t get anywhere if I’m afraid to try my luck, will I?

So on with the email.

Give Me A Try. Please!

I was asking for the opportunity to spend some time with Sunset+Vine to understand what they do. Question is, how to come across as trustworthy, hardworking, witty, basically a good option without begging?

Well unfortunately I don’t know but I wrote the email anyway! I went for honest, polite and direct. Seemingly it worked because I received a positive reply within 24 hours (oh yeah, I did a little celebration dance!).

I’ve since liaised with a really helpful lady, Sarah, who has arranged for me to attend the Leicester v Bath rugby match tomorrow. We won’t make any mention of the fact that I’m a Northampton Saints fan and there a culture of rivalry with Leicester!

I’ll be observing how they produce the show. How exciting!

It’ll be a really positive experience even if it’s just for the day. It’s due to be a bit parky (cold) so I’ll be wrapped up like a Christmas present. Can you make a good impression whilst looking like the Michelin Man?



About Kerry Leese

20 something who loves to travel from Northampton embarking on a journey of self discovery. Ambitiously working towards a career in broadcasting. In love with her Smelly Boy and getting up to some random stuff.
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