November in a nutshell!

How time flies when you’re having fun! There has been plenty to keep me busy both socially and professionally so November has flown. I’m really quite excited to write this post because I have much in the way of good news!

I suppose that I should start from the beginning; a good place to start and all that jazz.

I’ve been going to the Saints regularly to write match reports.

A sunny date at the rugga

A sunny date at the rugga

If I’m honest, I don’t look forward to writing them because it feels alien. Being a rugby fan (and in particularly a Saints rugby fan) I know that we can be am unforgiving bunch. As such I want to make sure that my content is interesting but correct because if not, heaven help me!

My efforts aren’t being used and although it’s good practice and I’m getting my little face known, I’m really after some feedback on how to improve, what’s good etc. One of the guys who writes for the Northampton Chronicle and Echo offered to take a look at some of the reports for me and give me some pointers. Fab!  A step in the right direction so hopefully some good will come from that. Thank you Tom!

Favell House

I interviewed the Chairman of Favell House Day Services, Mick Sharman for Radio Nene Valley and for my audio reel. Favell House offers support and respite for those with physical disability and their careers. It’s a great service, chaired by a lovely man and I was made to feel very welcome.

The service is going through a slight crisis as its funding is being cut and as such Mick and the brilliant team are looking to hold fundraisers. Thankfully I’ve just heard that they have been given funds to employ a fundraiser to ensure that Favell House can keep in operation. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for events. They’ve recently held a fashion show and coffee morning so more of the same sounds great.

Now comes some exciting news!

I was introduced by a wonderful friend The Kittens, to a great local animation company, RJDM studios. Ricky, Creative Director, gave me a brief for some presenting work that he wanted me to do. It would involve presenting various topics on RJDM’s website including their newsletter Behind Studio Screens, going on to interview the designers and actors on various shoots. a

It’s all very fun and after meeting the team, I’m really excited to working more frequently with RJDM. I particularly think it’ll be a giggle to meet the wonderful Mimi and Manu who are the RJDM mascot characters, based on Ricky’s children.

Soppy moment

I won’t be all romantic for long but a highlight in November is mine and the Smelly Boy’s anniversary. Crazily enough we’ve only been together for two years but I can’t imagine life without him and he’s such an amazing support I couldn’t neglect to mention the special occasion. Mwa!

Being Ugly

If you’ve not already read about my very brief encounter with modelling, check out Being Ugly.

Natural History Museum

It was a fun trip to London and I even got to check out The Natural History Museum!

It’s not the only trip to London I’ve done in the last month! In fact, I may well be keeping London Midland in business because in addition to my Ugly day tripping my self and the Smelly Boy went to Twickenham for the England v Australia match and I also went to the networking event Telly Talk London.

Swinging low

As I may have mentioned, I’m a big rugby fan and was ecstatic when Saints Chris mentioned that I could get some England tickets. I was even more made up when he mentioned England v All Blacks at Twickenham 1st December, just before my birthday. Yes that would have made a brilliant celebration.


But it was not to be. I’ll explain a little later but we were lucky enough to pay a ridiculous amount of money for tickets to the game against Australia.

Unfortunately the game did not live up to expectations. We played quite terribly and neither side was setting the world on fire. It impacted on the atmosphere, which is one of the biggest things about Twickenham but I suppose that I mustn’t grumble. The mulled wine was lovely!

Telly Talk London, on the other hand, did not fail to impress. I’d been wanting to attend a TTL for several months since I’d found out about the events and their founder Grace Owen.

The networking event aims to help people trying to get into TV and heard from really engaging guests who work in the industry in a gorgeous venue.

Although my aim in Broadcasting is Presenting, I was really interested to hear from all of the guest as they all brought insight into the TV, what was required and helped to confirm that I’m moving in the right direction.

It was lovely to meet like minded people who happened to be really friendly and not at all like the competitive I-want-to-make-it-in-TV-and-will-trample-on-whoever-I-need-to-in-order-to-get-there, idea that I had in my mind. And bonus, I won a book on presenting which I’m excited to get into!

So thank you Grace and team for organising a brilliantly fun, relaxed and informative evening and doing so incredibly graciously for the benefit of Mencap (please excuse the pun). You are a wonderful woman!

Until the next time

Sorry for being a bit of a tease regarding why I didn’t go to the England rugby match against New Zealand but I shall defer until the next time. The day is disappearing fast and I’ve got a game of rugby (Saints v Ulster- it’s going to be a toughy) to attend!

Not only that but I’m not working, it’s a birthday celebration so I’m off duty. I may have to partake in a warming beverage or two, just to keep warm you understand.

Have a wonderful evening, oh and don’t forget to tell me what you think of Mr Smelly Boy’s artistic skills with my new header!



About Kerry Leese

20 something who loves to travel from Northampton embarking on a journey of self discovery. Ambitiously working towards a career in broadcasting. In love with her Smelly Boy and getting up to some random stuff.
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