The Best New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year where everyone in the western world seems to be talking about Near Year’s resolutions and how much better they will eat/exercise/work/not swear this year.

Does it work? Probably not but here’s one resolution I suggest you give a go and stick to. There’s a male a female version to this so bear with me gents, I’m going to address the ladies first. You can still listen in though, could be useful.

Ladies – Sam’s story

There was once a young woman named Samantha with skin as creamy as Bailey’s (oh yeh, this is going well, I’m a poetic genius). Though this isn’t a fairytale, she could easily have portrayed any princess throughout history for she was a beauty.


The original bushwacka Sam!

Sam was young, feisty, vibrant, fun, loud (yes you heard her before you saw her), compassionate and a thousand other gorgeous things. She was a beautician by trade and travelled the world on cruise ships making people look and feel beautiful, relaxed and peaceful.

I first met Sam just over ten years ago whilst working at the Pizza Hut massive! Both Sam and her mum Cherry joined the team soon after the store opened. Although I can’t remember exactly the moment that we met, I will always have an overridding sense of what it was to be in her presence. Sheer awesomeness.

Cherry and Sam got on really well and I’ve never seen a mother-daughter relationship like it. I probably spent more time with Cherry outside of work but Sam was a friend all three of us got on well and we always had a giggle.

Sam died 7th January 2007 at 10:30pm from cervical cancer. She had just turned 27.

No doubt you’ve heard it before but the world seemed that bit more dull without her. She’d deteriorated over a short time; that nasty little cancer did horrible things to her body and her spirit.

I’m telling you this on the sixth anniversary of Sam’s death because I’m trying not to get sad and to believe that positives can come from this horrific situation.

Despite one hell of a fight, Cherry lost her daughter and best friend in a painful, soul destroying way. I’m sure she won’t mind me saying if it kicks your butt into action.

Over to you!

I’d like you to get yourself a smear test. It checks for any abnormal cell changes and it could save your life!

I went for my first smear the very first day I could, on my 25th birthday which would have also been Sam’s 31st). I was a bit nervous about having it done which is natural. You might be feeling the same but honestly, don’t worry. It’s so quick and although a slightly weird feeling, it’s not painful.

It’s a good job I did go because some pesky changes were a foot but after a further look (colposcopy) I had some tissue removed and it was fine.

I was a bit shaken especially because it all happened around the time of year of Sam’s anniversary. It was all too close to home so I panicked.

Natural as it is, it doesn’t matter how many people told me it was ok, I pooped myself at the thought of what could happen (not literally you’ll be pleased to hear)!

Everything was fine but had it have been left for much longer, it may well have developed into something nasty. But I got on with it with the support of the lovely Smelly Boy and some key people and it wasn’t painful like I’d expected.

I now go for yearly checkups and everything is hunky dory.

Thinking about it, Sam’s influence may well have saved my life. Oi oi bushwacka, thank you!

You don’t look like an ostrich 

Back to you. Get your year off to a good start and get checked out! You can have it done for free (in England at least) at your doctor’s surgery or at your local contraceptive services clinic (family planning) and chances are there will be no changes.

If any changes are detected more can be done with early detection so get on it!!

Tell you your partner, mum, daughter, sister, nan, aunty, colleagues, friends and pester them to get a test! 🙂

Your turn boys

You’ll be pleased to hear that I don’t have a personal sad story for you but we’re going to have a quick chat about prostate and testicular cancer. Yes people talk about this stuff!

Prostate cancer

I’ve seen the below advert with Bill Bailey and liked it so thought that I’d share; it gives some brief details.

Around 40, 000 men in the UK are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year and approximately 250,000 men in the UK live with the disease.

I’m sure that you lovely lads can look after yourselves but here are some links about the symptoms and signs of prostate cancer so there’s no excuse for not knowing them and being on the look out!

Testicular cancer

The page behind this link gives some important information and quotes that:

“Testicular cancer is relatively uncommon, accounting for just 1% of all cancers that occur in men.

Each year in the UK around 2,090 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer, according to Cancer Research UK.”

It tends to affect younger men between 15 and 44 and rates are fives times higher in white men than in black men. No one gets to relax though, you need to check yourself regularly no matter what your heritage.

So lovelies, sorry if I seem a bit preachy but you’ve got to keep an eye/feel on yourself in order to prevent going through the pain that Sam did. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones because they don’t want to go through the pain of losing you.

Get checking and good health to you!


About Kerry Leese

20 something who loves to travel from Northampton embarking on a journey of self discovery. Ambitiously working towards a career in broadcasting. In love with her Smelly Boy and getting up to some random stuff.
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