Sunset + Vine

I got back last night from London & spending some time with production company Sunset + Vine.

I’d been to Leicester for the recording of ESPN’s mid-week feature as they are playing Saracens at home tomorrow. I suppose that I shouldn’t really go into details before it’s aired so I’ll pipe down as to the content.

I’d arranged to observe the pre-recorded feature because the S + V shoots that I’d been on previously, had been live match coverage. It was really good to see the difference between the style and content of the different broadcasts. You get more content about the teams and the game of rugby with live broadcast. There are so many people involved behind the scenes but the pre-recorded feature involved only the assistant producer and camera operator. The content was based much more around the people behind rugby, their real lives, personalities…

Sunset from the Sunset + Vine office

Sunset from the Sunset + Vine office. See what I did there?

We’re all human no matter what job we do and how many people know our names. But I’ve got to admit that it occasionally surprises me when I meet the people I’ve watched play rugby so many times before. I get a bit excited (it’s the rugby fan in me).

When you see them on-screen they’re usually pumped up with adrenaline with their mean concentrating faces yet when you see them in the flesh away from the field, you can see that they’re just a bunch of blokes. Rather large athletic blokes, granted.

Both of the players in the feature seemed really nice and were interacting with each other well so filming only took about 20 minutes. The rest of the time was taken with setting up, waiting to film and then dismantling the equipment.

I went to the office in London to see about how the feature was to be edited. This involved sitting in with the editor who’s skills with Final Cut Pro (an editing software) were nothing less than intimidating and epic!

Wednesday's amazing meal at Albertine. Steak and kidney pie. Woof!

Wednesday’s amazing meal at Albertine. Steak and kidney pie. Woof!

I also got to sit on the edit of the opening feature for ESPN’s premiership rugby coverage tonight. So if you’re watching the coverage of Gloucester v Worcester, please note the funky song in the sequence and know that it was my suggestion. Yes I’m sad and have to drop that in.

A great experience all in all and thanks to those lovely chaps and chapesses who looked after me and shared their wisdom.

What do you think of the weekend’s rugby fixtures? Will you be partaking in Aviva Premiership or Six Nations action? Or do you have any other plans for a good weekend?


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