Who am I?

Welcome and thank you for checking out my blog, especially if you’re not just reading out of the obligation of friendship!

I’m Kerry, 27 year old living in Northampton, UK with my gorgeous and wonderful partner, Smelly Boy.

This blog centres around the fact that in September 2011, I was in pretty rubbish place in my life which sparked the decision to make a big change.

I moved out of my career in domestic abuse (helping victims, not perpetrating abuse!) and my natural tendency to put others first, in order to concentrate on my dream of becoming a broadcaster.

This meant starting from scratch without any relevant qualifications or experience.

Scary shizzle (stuff)!

While I was on the whole ‘big life change’, I thought that it was a good time to embrace a new way of living, letting go of some demons that were holding me back.

Why blog?

I want to share my story for several reasons, cathartic and conflicting as they may be.

I want to:

  • work on the 2015 Rugby World Cup hosted by England
  • compete in Strictly Come Dancing
  • travel the world whilst increasing my work as a presenter (I don’t want to start again from scratch; I’m getting on a bit!) Get me there!
  • promote self-awareness, address the taboo of mental health illness and potentially help others who have gone through similar life ‘stuff’

among other things.

It occurred to me that blogging might help my goals along.  And whilst dreaming big, this might just be of interest/use/amusement to you oh beloved reader.

What to expect and what I’d like from you

I’ll regale you with tales of my progress in achieving my goals. Some will be fun, some a bit more heartfelt but hey, it’ll be interesting!

There will be things that I find interesting and that I think might be of interest to you too so please let me know what you think.

I might even ask for your feedback or help in keeping me focused. I’m cheeky like that.

I’m really interested to hear about your journey too so I hope that you’ll feel able to share and/or comment.

I ask only that you be respectful and love the blog. Well at least uphold the respectful bit anyway.

Thank you,


P.S If you’ve come through by searching kerryleese.co.uk this is my sneaky way of letting you know about me before my website is live. I hope that you don’t mind?

P.P.S Thank you for the support with my biggest baddest bucket list destination, Valencia. I didn’t get through to the final but learnt a lot, cheesy as it sounds and had a great time making the video. Kinda glad that my adrenaline levels are down to a healthy level though!

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